Nursing Home Stories: Milton

Kawi Bawi Bo (Korean for “Paper Rock Scissors”) Comics is a collection of stories about western medicine, food, and travel by Yutack & Dami...




I am **incredibly** excited to share Kawi Bawi Bo Comics. Like a deadly game of paper rock scissors, every decision in life can go right or awry at the twist of a moment. ‘Should I really eat this entire cheesecake?’ Maybe. Who knows what the best answer is, but we hope these tales will serve as some sort of beacon for wise decisions. Delicious decisions.


Drawing from memories of clinical training days or time spent running around in Brooklyn, the observations have been put to life by the incredibly talented Dami Lee ( We’ll be posting our tales every Sunday… well at least we’ll try to as long as the fates allow it!


This first post is about my fond memories of geriatric medicine. It’s always the nicest and kindest looking war veteran who’s also the grumpiest in a nursing home. Based on my many hours spent at the nurse’s station with Dr. Jameel Chohan & Barbara Read. Miss you guys!